Primitive Furniture

by Second Decade

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released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Second Decade Orlando, Florida

Punk/Rock Band from the very redneck Lake County Florida.

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Track Name: vulcan hammer
Vulcan hammer
The wheel is always turning
Lets jam our arms into the spokes.
Then raise our necks, for earning
The hellish salt below fitted yokes.

Our odds were never worse
But dressed in best, we hunted purses
I am that Vulcan hammer
That stood matchless and crushed the rest.
Do you think your entitled
To half the weight I hold.
I am here
I have landed
Its been leveled now
I’ve contended.
The face is always spinning
On the body of a berserk selector
And we will just let it in
To its final cage to meet the master.
I am that Vulcan hammer
The one used like a fleshy anvil
And now that I am stronger.
Ive set terror on my whip cracker.
Track Name: Rapid looker intake
Rapid looker intake
Today I looked at several things
and out of all of them the one that brings
me evidence of spot collector
is the cap and gown of a puzzle piece inspector.
it’s the trial of the century
empty nest syndrome for the batteries
amber alert for baby energy
I need that baby to look at several things.
I do believe ive seen enough time to regroup my wits
This is the hour for plan C.
Resseitate old recitals, buck up, and check the vitals
Turn on again rapid looker intake.
Learn to exist again
In the form of a powered maniquin
Reveal the latest clothes line
Commission the pro’s to advertise
It’s a Countdown to seal the deal
Lets make shit official
Look at as much as you can
Let that light speed whistle.
Track Name: Waif Papers
Waif papers (bonobo law)

Weird days
In effect
And untwisting lipstick
Over trash reminds me
Of colorful phony paper.
You look so good that its depressing
Heaven knows Ive been there before
And there's no sense in self obsessing
Youll get what you came here for
Sad songs
Ill bet you’ve got a million
Those legs, from the floor to the ceiling
Those songs are all there singing lately
That sound don’t really mean shit to me.
In the sky
Both red hot
Like stoned eyes
Holding on
To a fixed position
Carry on, can sex be self preservation?
Track Name: Dwarf/Mountain
Mountain! Mountain!
Do you let places determine
The tits that would save me?
Oh, wet -nurse my poor cry-baby
Has your history of violence come forth
To wear a the white wig?
Speak to me as a dwarf
Speak to me as a
Mercy! Mercy!
For sharks born swimming.
They got exactly what was coming to them
Oh wet nurse, drown those children.
Track Name: Kismet
On the balcony
Of the old hotel
In the company
Of ringing bells.
Smell the sweet citrus
Could this be kismet?
What were the chances?
When we met?
That we’d become the evidence.
On the balcony
Of the new hotel
In the second town
Will it work as well?
Shatters of tablets
Could this be kismet?
What were the chances
When we met
We'd become the evidence.
can I take you to dinner?
Can I eat you alive?
Track Name: Are we there yet?
Are we there yet? did I miss it? will it blind me? is it behind me?

There is movement that's congruent. so authentic its pathetic.

Breath in a menthol wind, coolness in reunion deja vu with difference , oh Ill be there now.

Are we there yet? did the show start? was I sleeping? through their screaming?

The same road trip with a difference. its the v2 for my system.

Breath in a menthol wind, coolness in reunion deja vu with difference , oh Ill be there now.
Track Name: Samsa
I've seen the horrors of changing, I've transformed into large vermin there's knocking outside my bedroom but I have no hands to let them in. I cant believe it.

you bring me a glass of milk but milk don't even taste like milk to me no more. you started weaning on my will ever since you took all of my furniture, I cant believe it.

. I started cutting off from people its to sad to look me in the eye, I started picking up the signals its been decided I should die. I cant believe it.

Remember your lonely picture? the one that was like an island on the wall? I used to crawl around your picture, for my amusement I would have to crawl!
Track Name: tounge
sitting in my living room thinking all the same. ?????when I come to you ??????? a'int the same thing??
kiss me quickly give me tounge.
you know I'm a gentle man but I grow impatient, now I need some company I feel like I'm on again.
kiss me quickly give me Tounge
I'm not getting any younger.
Track Name: Slow photo
long before, we were much more than this, one considered to be a better half. now all I have is that outdated photograph......etc.......
Track Name: Work
Do you think about dying-often?
Damaged creatures-mutilated-laid out on a public road
For no reason- spent on leading- on the way that they have chose.
Am I –back again
Did the signs have to be so graphic.
Do you think about dying-often
People in their-gas efficient-fishbowls move from a to b
Destinations-for the sentenced-numbed to graphic scenery.
Do you think about crying? balling?
Lines of pigs ramped to the slaughter-never having their revenge
Pathways filled-with carbon litter-never really seems to end.
Am I- back again
Is this-the way it is
do you think about trying?